Dr. Walter C. McCrone (1916-2002)

JenaMarie Baldaino of the FBI Laboratory Counterterrorism and Forensic Research Unit speaks at Inter/Micro 2016.

McCrone classrooms and laboratories

Biogenic grains of sand collected from Star Sand Beach in Okinawa, Japan. (Thomas J. Hopen)

A microcrystal test for pseudoephedrine with dilituric acid

Polylactic acid (PLA) fibers viewed in crossed polars after being exposed to composted conditions for 104 weeks.

Microscopy Courses

McCrone vocational and technical training courses range from introductory to specialized microscopy education and include a variety of subjects and applications.

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Microscope Publications (division of McCrone Research Institute) publishes The Microscope journal, The Microscope Series monographs, and many other titles.

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McCrone Research

McCrone’s applied research in microscopy and microanalysis addresses solutions to problems in forensic, industrial, environmental, and conservation sciences.

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