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What to Bring to the Workshop

It is not necessary to bring a computer or other materials to the workshop. Attendees will probably learn best by taking notes and asking questions. If you want to work along with the various procedures, you may bring your own laptop computer with ImageJ, a free java-based image-processing program for Mac and Windows that can be downloaded from If you have Photoshop (CS5 or earlier, not CS6 or CC) on your laptop, you can download a set of free plugins for Mac and Windows from the instructor’s website, These plugins provide all the basic methods covered in the workshop. Some familiarity with these software programs is assumed. However, the workshop is about methods and how to think about getting data from images, not how to operate a particular program. Additional software will also be used, and their algorithms will be explained in the lectures.

If you bring relevant images that can be incorporated into the workshop (time permitting), they should be in TIF format (not JPG) and loaded onto a USB memory stick. Any other materials that you bring can be addressed in discussions but will not be used for actual workshop exercises.