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Architectural Paint Analysis (International Preservation Studies Center course)

The analysis of architectural paints and finishes, as opposed to those used in the field of fine art, is rapidly developing from its infancy, when paint was scraped on site. Today, scientific analysis is being undertaken not only to determine historic colors but also to determine other aspects of finishes such as composition and application methods.

David Arbogast, an architectural conservator with more than 30 years of experience in the area of historic architectural paint analysis, will provide hands-on instruction in the microscopical analysis of historic architectural paints and other finishes.

This workshop, offered by the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies, is being conducted at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago. Tuition includes lunch; students must make hotel arrangements separately.

This International Preservation Studies Center course will be held at McCrone Research Institute, Chicago. To register, please visit the Center’s website. For more information, call 815-244-1173.