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Monica McGrath of RJ Lee Group presents her asbestos research at Inter/Micro 2015 in Chicago.

Inter/Micro 2016: Call for Papers

June 6 – 10 at McCrone Research Institute, Chicago

McCrone Research Institute cordially invites you to participate in Inter/Micro 2016 by giving a presentation of your research paper in any of the subjects listed below. Research presentations will be held June 6 – 8 at McCrone Research Institute. A two-day workshop will be held on June 9 – 10. Speakers will receive a $50 registration discount.

Register and pay online or download the registration form for mail or fax.

Abstract Guidelines

Papers are being solicited in the following subjects:
• Photomicrography and scientific digital imaging
• Microscopes (confocal, fluorescence, scanning tunneling, polarizing, etc.)
• White powder and bioterrorism threats
• Resources, books, atlases, databases
• Historical topics
• Criminalistics, forensic microscopy and trace evidence (fibers, explosives, paint, glass, drugs, inks, etc.)
• Art conservation and authentication
• Pharmaceuticals
• Environmental and hazardous dusts, aerobiology (asbestos, mold, fungal spores, indoor air quality)
• Geographical sourcing
• Teaching microscopy/education
• Microscopy tricks of the trade
• Micro-analytical methods: SEM/EDS, TEM, FT-IR, Raman
• Industrial microscopy, crystallography, mineralogy

Please follow these three easy steps for submitting an abstract of your presentation:

1. Limit abstract length to 200 words.
2. Include title, author name(s), company or institute name(s), address, telephone, fax and e-mail address.
3. Submit your abstract as a Word document (no PDFs, please) to

Inter/Micro 2016
McCrone Research Institute
2820 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616-3230

Tel.: (312) 842-7100
Fax: (312) 842-1078

The deadline to submit titles and abstracts is March 15, 2016.

Please call or email us for more information on abstract submissions and conference registration. Authors will be notified if their abstract is accepted or rejected. A computer for PowerPoint presentations and an overhead projector will be available for speaker presentations. Speakers should prepare for a 20-minute talk and 2-3 minutes for questions.

Inter/Micro is an internationally recognized conference that attracts microscopists from all areas of light and electron microscopy. Research presentations given during the first three days cover techniques and instrumentation, environmental and industrial microscopy, and forensic and chemical microscopy.

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We look forward to seeing you at Inter/Micro 2016 in Chicago!