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The Microscope Journal

The Microscope is an international journal founded by Arthur Barron in 1937 and dedicated to the advancement of all forms of microscopy for the biologist, mineralogist, metallographer, forensic scientist or chemist. No matter what the field of research, the microscope is always a useful adjunct and often an essential tool.

The Microscope Series and other McCrone Books

Microscope Publications (Division of McCrone Research Institute) publish a series of monographs related to the microscope and several other books including the Polarized Light Microscopy textbook, the Handbook of Chemical Microscopy by Chamot and Mason, the Winchell “Organic” and “Inorganic” handbooks, and many others.

Judgement Day for the Turin Shroud

Judgement Day for the Turin Shroud records a story of faith vs. science as told by Dr. Walter C. McCrone, who spent many months over 20 years examining the Shroud and concluding that the reputed burial cloth of Christ is an inspired medieval painting. In nearly 350 pages, with 11 color plates and 68 figures, Dr. McCrone details his startling discoveries.

The Particle Atlas

The Particle Atlas is the original publication that presented, for the first time, all of the skills necessary for working with small particles how to choose and use the necessary microscope, how to collect, manipulate and characterize particles of interest and how to identifiy each of the particles in a sample. It is the final product, in two editions, of research commenced under the direction of Dr. Walter C. McCrone with grants made by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to McCrone Research Institute and was the first research activity undertaken by the Institute upon its incorporation in 1960. The second edition appeared in six volumes in 1973-1979 and an updated CD-ROM in 1992.

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