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McCrone Course Schedule by Date

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2014 McCrone Courses

APRIL 2014

April 29–May 1: Advanced Indoor Air Quality: Identification of Fungal Cultures

MAY 2014

May 12–16: Microscopical Identification of Asbestos
May 19–23: Asbestos Fiber Counting [NIOSH 582]

JUNE 2014

June 2–6: Inter/Micro 2014
June 16–20: Practical Infrared Microspectroscopy — FTIR
June 23–27: Microcrystal Tests for Illicit Drugs and Diverted Pharmaceuticals
June 23–27: Microscopy for the Identification of Pigments and Fibers in Art and Artifacts at Campbell Center

JULY 2014

July 7–11: Sample Preparation and Manipulation for Microanalysis
July 14–18: Applied Polarized Light Microscopy/Forensic Microscopy
July 22–24: Indoor Air Quality: Identification of House Dust and Indoor Particles
July 28–August 1: Pharmaceutical Microscopy


August 4–8: Applied Polarized Light Microscopy/Forensic Microscopy
August 4–8: Chemical Microscopy at Cornell University
August 11–15: Microchemical Methods
August 20–22: Advanced Indoor Air Quality: Advanced Fungal Spore Identification
August 25–29: Microscopical Identification of Asbestos


September 3–5: Animal Hair Identification
September 3–4: Microscope Cleaning, Maintenance, and Adjustment
September 8–10: Digital Imaging and Photomicrography
September 8–12: Asbestos Fiber Counting [NIOSH 582]
September 15–19: Microscopy of Extraneous and Foreign Matter in Food
September 22–26: Hair and Fiber Microscopy
September 22–26: Polymer Microscopy
September 29–October 3: Forensic Microscopy of Glass
September 29–October 1: Raman Microspectroscopy


October 6–10: Microscopical Identification of Asbestos
October 13–17: Advanced Asbestos Identification
October 20–24: Applied Polarized Light Microscopy/Forensic Microscopy
October 20–24: Forensic Fiber Analysis: Advanced Microscopy and Microchemistry
October 27–31: Indoor Air Quality: Fungal Spore Identification
October 27–31: Microscopy of Explosives


November 3–7: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-ray Microanalysis
November 3–4: Microscope Cleaning, Maintenance and Adjustment
November 10–14: Microscopy for the Conservator of Art and Artifacts


December 1–5: Applied Polarized Light Microscopy/Forensic Microscopy
December 1–5: Comparative Microscopy of Soil
December 8–12: Chemical Microscopy at Cornell University