Founded by Walter C. McCrone in 1960, the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to teaching and research in light and electron microscopy, crystallography, and ultramicroanalysis. For more than 50 years, McCrone has provided microscopy education to more than 27,000 students and remains to this day the world’s preeminent leader and center of excellence for microscopy education and research.


McCrone Research Institute in Chicago offers courses that range from basic microscopy, emphasizing the proper use of the microscope, to specialized microscopy, focusing on a particular technique, material, or field of application. Register for:
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Inter/Micro is an internationally recognized symposium that attracts the world’s top light and electron microscopists. Inter/Micro is June 2-6, 2014, and is sponsored and hosted by McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Call for Papers: Inter/Micro 2015 is June 8–12, 2015.


McCrone Research Institute publishes and maintains the quarterly international journal, The Microscope, the Microscope Series, the Particle Atlas and many other textbooks emphasizing applications of light and electron microscopy.

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McCrone Research Institute conducts research related to its mission of expanding particle-analysis capabilities and using microscopical and microanalytical techniques to address problems in forensic, industrial, pharmaceutical, environmental and conservation sciences.