Dr. Walter C. McCrone (1916-2002)

Rick Smith of Sporecyte speaks at Inter/Micro 2016 in Chicago.

Cross section of human tissue with black tattoo pigment particles in the light pink dermal layer. (Michelle D. Miranda)

A microcrystal test for pseudoephedrine with dilituric acid

McCrone classrooms and laboratories

Polylactic acid (PLA) fibers viewed in crossed polars after being exposed to composted conditions for 104 weeks.


McCrone courses range from basic to specialized microscopy, focusing on a variety of fields and applications.

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Inter/Micro is an international microscopy conference. Inter/Micro 2017 will be held in Chicago on June 12-16, 2017.

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Microscope Publications publishes The Microscope journal, The Microscope Series monographs and many other titles.

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McCrone’s applied research is currently addressing problems in forensic, industrial, environmental and conservation sciences.

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